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LeRo - Tenerife - Mobility Equipment Rental - 2.4.08 Tank for liquid oxygen and mobile rucksack bottle
2.4.08 Tank for liquid oxygen and mobile rucksack bottle back
  Delivery Costs and Terms of Payment  
Tank for liquid oxygen and mobile rucksack bottle
On week end and bank holidays is no change or refill possible, watch the indicater/reading! On work days we can change from on to the other day (reservation before 14.00h).
This tank is perfect to refill a smaller rucksack bottle for mobile oxygen therapy whilst you on an excursion or outside the flat. Shortly before you leave the flat you refill the rucksack bottle on the base as often you want till the 32 litre liquid tank is empty.
We offer two types of rucksack bottles:
  • Ambulant rucksack bottle with 1,5 litre volume and its weight is about 2kg and it correspond on to approx. 40 litre released oxygen.

  • Ambulant rucksack bottle with 0,5 litre volume and its weight is about 1kg and it correspond on to approx. 20 litre released oxygen.
General instructions
  1. Never open any machine or tank/bottle. Never cover any machine or tank/bottle.

  2. We deliver based on the information we get from the client or medical prescription, in all cases only on written reservations.

  3. We denies all responsibility for consequences based on:
    Wrong calculations of quantities or premature emptiness off tanks/bottles etc.
    We insist that clients control the indicator when deliver and during use.

  4. Using oxygen bottles: the used oxygen is include in the rental price.

  5. The liquid oxygen tank we always have to calculate the full tank because of technical reasons we can only refill empty tanks. The costs of oxygen is include in the renting costs.

  6. The concentrator have no extra costs for the oxygen.

  7. Delivery cost we have to calculate every delivery, change or refill.

  8. We require two weeks advance notice to book this item.

  9. We deliver only into hotels, apartments, private flats or together with our transfer service from airport to your flat. In special cases we can offer an oxygen bottle into the luggage hall of the airport. We never deliver to the plane or other places behind passport control!

  10. In all cases we need a proper medical prescription not older then 2 weeks and with details about how many litres you need per minute and how many hours approx. during the day (by fax or e-mail).
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