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An unforgettable adventure for everyone!
This experience is enjoyable even for people who are severely motion restricted. Experience the island without restrictions from a completely new perspective. Even those suffering with quadriplegia can go up in the air with us.
The helicopter offers the possibility to have fantastic views from all the seats.  With the Board headphones you can chat with each other, follow the flight traffic on the radio and also speak with our tour pilots (English or Spanish).
The transfer to and from the helicopter airstrip is done with adapted vehicles (wheelchair accessible).

Please note the information concerning the helicopter flight on this page.

Important Information and Rules
Weight: The maximum load weight without the pilot is 240 kg. And this is distributed to 3 passengers. This results in an average body weight of 80 kg per passenger.
For single bookings following applies: Passengers with a body weight of over 110 kg must also book a second seat, since this seat can no longer be booked for an average weight person. However, the passenger can book a child less than 12 years (max. 50 kg.) for this seat. The airline reserves the right to refuse guests if they have reasonable doubt about the existing weight accuracy.
This applies for bookings of the complete helicopter: The total weight of the passengers must not exceed 240 kg.
Children: Basically, children are considered full-paying adults from 4 years up. For security reasons children from 4 years up must occupy a seat. Children under 4 years are free, but they have no rights to a seat and must take place on the parent’s lap.
  Children / teenagers under 18 years must always fly with a parent or guardian, or provide a written authorization (in Spanish) from the legal guardian (Copy of passport). In all cases the legal guardian must be present during the take-off and landing at the landing site. Children under 12 years must always be accompanied by an adult.
Medical Restrictions: No medical document is required for people with health problems. However, each person has the obligation to check with his doctor if he is able to fly or not. This applies particularly for people with cardiovascular, pulmonary problems, epilepsy risks, claustrophobia, fear of heights and all other diseases that may interfere with a safe flight for the passenger himself and the other flight companions.

Front seat left (next to pilot):
- Distance from the ground to the seat:92 cm
- Distance from the seat to the top: 79cm
- Seat and backrest width: 40cm  
- Entry width at seat height: 64cm
- During the changeover the door will be taken out and, logically, put back in before take off 

Front seat left (next to pilot):
- Three-point belt
- No headrest
- Non adjustable backrest

The changeover is done manually
- by two persons.
- The knee and hip joints should be mobile.
- Shoulder and chest area should bear some force and needs to be pain free.


The stability during flight can be compared to being in normal street traffic wearing a belt. The backrest has no lateral support.


Seat rear left and rear right:
- Distance from the ground to the seat 92cm
- Distance from the seat to the roof 79cm
- Seat / Backrest Width 40cm, depth 40cm, backrest height 40cm
- Entry Width at seat height 64cm
- During the changeover the door will be taken out and,logically, put back in before take off.

Seat rear left and rear right:
- Foot space until front seat: 24cm and 45cm wide
- Seat / Backrest Width 40cm, depth 40cm, backrest height 40cm

Changeover using a sling:
- The changeover is done manually by two persons.
- The knee and hip joints should be mobile.
- A certain stability should be available.

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