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LeRo - Ténérife - Location de facilités pour handicapés - 2.4.01 Mobil pour rehabilitation: Theramobil
2.4.01 Mobil pour rehabilitation: Theramobil retour
caution € 120,00 € a p. de jusque jusque jusque jusque jusque  
I.G.I.C + 7,00 %

29 jours

28 jours 21 jours
14 jours 7 jours 3 jours 1 jour
prix € / jour 8,33 8,33
11,53 16,89 19,11 23,84
prix € pour 4/3/2/1 semaine(s)   233,24 206,01 161,42 118,23    
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For multible-sclerosis-patients and persons in wheelchairs

With complete or partial paralysis symtoms a daily movement is a basic requirement for receipt of functions of joints and supporting ligaments. And the whole cardiovascular system and all metabolism functions profit from a periodicl movement training. The Theravital in addition to this is perfectly appropriated and because of its comfortable equipment mostly usuable without a helping person. The sensible anti-muscle-cramp-steering protects reliably from overloading and relaxes muscle cramps. So it´s especially appliable for cross-cut-paralysis.

With apopletic fit and heart and cardiovascular disturbances. The whole cardiovascular system is fortified. The Thravital is excellently qualified for Parkinson´s desease too.


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