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LeRo - Tenerife - Transfer y excursiones
Descripción del sistema de traslado en el aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur (Reina Sofia-TFS) para usuarios de sillas de ruedas LISTA DE PRECIOS
Attention! Notice of the Airport-Transfer at Tenerife Airport Arrivals
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Due to a regulation of the EU, valid since 26th of July 2008, the handling at the airport has changed for passengers with reduced mobility. After a certain transition period following settlement is valid:
The Airport provides care staff, which helps you with your luggage, if required and accompanies you to the meeting point outside the baggage claim area. This means that we unfortunately cannot assist you in the baggage claim area any more. You will meet us in the public arrival hall. Passengers, who do not need any help, please go there directly.
Unfortunately there have been quite a few inconveniences because the new care staff needs the time to get used to the job and has a few communication problems.
We, the LeRo team, certainly try our very best to take you over as soon as possible after you leave the baggage claim area. If there is any problem and the care staff does not bring you to the meeting point or the LeRo office inside the terminal, then please insist on being accompanied to us.
Please mind the following notices:
  1. The care staff will show you a questionnaire which you have to sign. Please never do this before you are handed over to the LeRo staff at the airport! Because with signing the form you confirm that the care staff has carried out the service correctly. Unfortunately the care staff sometimes leaves the passenger behind after having received the signature. Quite a few care staff members seem to understand the signature as completion of the required assistance.

  2. If you need to make a luggage reclamation, please refer to the care staff still inside the baggage claim area. As soon as you leave the restricted area a direct reclamation is not possible anymore.

  3. To achieve an improvement as soon as possible we hand you out a questionnaire to fill in your problems you experienced with the airport staff.
We are always in direct contact with the airport management and the care staff to improve the handling as much as possible.
We wish you a comfortable flight and are looking forward to your visit!
Your LeRo Team
All transports will be managed by our subsidiary company OROBUS S. L., Avda. Amsterdam 8,
Edf. Mar y Sol s/n, E-38650 Los Cristianos / Tenerife.
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